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05/20/2015 06:01:00 am

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Summarizing conference for XI Business-Award of Primorsky region took place in Vladivostok on April 27th. JSC «Vostochny Port» won the main nomination «The Company of the year - 2014». 

Managing Director of JSC «Vostochny Port» Anatoly Lazarev outlined that this award is a result of joint hard work of all Company employees: - Those innovations being in effect at our enterprise with regard to improvement of warehousing logistic – are our main job, and we do this job well. Everything we achieved throughout the previous year actually deserves respect and this reward. And first of all this is the achievement of our wonderful staff and also of our managing organization – «Managing Port Company, LLC». 

The Regional Business-Award of Primorsky region is arranged by Publishing company “Zolotoy Rog” with the support of the Administration of Primorsky region. In the opinion of the Administration, the Business-Award allows successful enterprises to be an example of how to develop our country economy and an example to emulate for developing business  companies.

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